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The One and Only Karate Program for Babies and Toddlers

The Baby Kickers Program was designed for busy parents with little ones who need a positive outlet for their big emotions. Martial arts is a unique discipline that combines mental and physical fitness with self-mastery, and we all know toddlers LOVE self-mastery. Our unique approach was designed by Master Instructor and Mom herself, Brittany Mosier, to make a positive impact on her own child's life, and has now chosen to share it with the world.

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The True "Hitting" Solution

Struggling with a baby/toddler who has entered the inevitable "hitting" stage?

Conventionally, we want to teach our babies NOT to hit things; but hitting is a normal part of child development. That is where Baby Kickers is unique and different. In place of attempting to subdue a natural part of development, we choose to redirect hitting to a positive outlet - Our Baby Karate Program.

My Baby Needs Karate!

Designed by Moms - For Moms

Aside from being a multi-time National Champion, World Champion, Master Instructor, and Elite Competitor, the owner and designer of this program is above all else, a mother.

We all know how that burn out feels, longing for an activity to keep our kids entertained, but being to exhausted to leave the house. Then on top of that our toddler decides today is a good day to rip half of our remaining post-partum hair out, literally, before hitting their younger sibling because they are seeking attention. Baby Kickers is designed with all those problems in mind, and is a wonderful time out from the daily struggles of mom life while also helping solve many of those struggles.

I Need This!

Baby Kickers - Home Program

This unique program is designed for children between 1 and 3 years old.

You will receive access to an online portal containing the 6 program videos. Each class is 15 minutes long - perfect for a toddlers short attention span, and busy mom life!

BONUS - You will get several "Cheat-Sheets" for each day of class, to make it even easier to do.

Baby Kickers Online Program is currently available for a LAUNCH special at a super discounted rate. Get it now before the price goes up!

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Meet the creators:

    Master Instructor and Mother

    Brittany has been a martial arts instructor for 13 years, teaching children of all ages. When she had her own child, Apollo, she realized martial arts had a hidden benefit she had never realized, for children younger than she had previously taught. When her son started the inevitable hitting and biting stage she started redirecting him to his striking paddle she had brought home from the gym. He instantly caught on, stopped hitting others, and started hitting his kick paddle. She was so amazed at his progress that she started the first in person Baby Kickers Program. Brittany was happy to see the results were replicated in the other families who joined the program, and that was her inspiration to make it available to moms all over the world.

    Now 2 Year Old Amazing Toddler

    Apolo started martial arts at only 9 months old. He started training at home with his mom, who quickly realized the benefits of baby martial arts. Apolo continued to grow as all babies do, and became a wonderfully behaved/disciplined toddler, who can stand still in a grocery line, never hits or bites, but also LOVES hitting his kick paddle and helping teach other babies to do the same. Apolo helped his mom teach the first in person Baby Kickers Program and was a wonderful instructor, at only 2 years old.


FunTastic Karate

5 bonus game suggestions to have FUN with your baby/toddler while still improving their karate skills!

Karate in Life – Fast track to success

4 great suggestions to help re-direct your child when they are feeling overwhelmed, and help them improve their skills!

The “Babies in Karate” and "What can I Hit" Recorded Songs!

I'm Ready to Tame the Twos!

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Listen to Brittany talk about some of the benefits:

Give Me The Benefits!

"It's the things I never would have thought of that actually made the biggest difference"

Your Questions Answered

What If I don’t have any experience?

No Worries! Or as Apolo would say "It's Okay!" Experience is NOT necessary to help your child with this program. It is designed to be simple enough for a baby to understand, so parents won't have any issues! Plus, there is a specific video to teach you all the moves before you even start with your child, so you'll feel like a super parent ready to take on the program! 

I'm not convinced... can my baby really do Karate?

Yes!!  Don't worry, the program has been tested with many children and they all thrived while learning!  All moves are broken down into their simplest form, and taught and demonstrated by Apolo, who was just 2 years old while filming.  

Can I do this training at my own pace?

Yep! Being a mom herself, Brittany understands mom life. One minute you've got it all together, pretty perfect planning for your entire week, and then BOOM, there comes the random unplanned event that throws your entire perfect plan out the window. No problem at all, you will have lifetime access to the program and you can do it as fast or as slow as you need to, and even save it for you next baby! Plus exclusive cheat sheets give you ideas on how to use even two minutes a day to practice and see lasting results. 

What happens after training ends?

The Baby Kickers Program is designed to be re-watched and enjoyed for much loner than just the 6 program videos. The 5th and 6th video especially can be replayed multiple times and referred back to when necessary.  Also stay involved and watch for the release of our Baby Kickers Level 2 program, which should be out by early fall 2023!  There may also be live trainings or additional bonus challenges posted in the Facebook group exclusive for members. 

Do you have any guarantees?

We KNOW you will LOVE the program!  But, if something unexpected comes up and you are having a technical issue or not seeing the results you anticipated, feel free to reach out in the exclusive Karate Baby Facebook group and Brittany herself will help you troubleshoot! 

How do I know this isn’t a scam?

Check us out! Brittany and Apolo are super public with their life. You can go back over 10 years on Brittany's Facebook profile seeing even photos of the day she got her black belt! Photos and video of Apolo on the mat at only a month old, and much more! If you still aren't convinced, just send us a message and we will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. This isn't a big company of corporation, this is a Mom and her son, doing their best to make the world a better place :) 

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